A New Christ-Centered Christmas Tradition

Have you been looking for an easy way to point your kids toward the real meaning of Christmas? I love all our other Christmas traditions whether it’s matching PJs, decorating the tree or picking out the perfect present. BUT …

I wanted something that would teach my kids the whole story of the first Christmas – not just that Jesus came, but that He died on the Cross for us.

A Nest for the Savior shows children how Jesus turns our ordinary lives into extraordinary adventures through the children’s story and built-in Activity Guide. The story follows Sadie, a sparrow who finds the manger empty on the first Christmas, so she sets off on a quest to build Jesus a nest.

With a little help from her animal friends, Sadie builds a nest using 12 symbolic elements. And your kids can get in on the fun too!

Using the Activity Guide (included with every book), your kids can build their own nests for the Savior using items you already have around the house. (Or you can purchase a Nest Activity Kit if that’s easier for you.)

What’s your favorite Christ-centered Christmas tradition? We hope A Nest for the Savior will be a tradition your little ones will love for years to come.

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The BestNester created A Nest for the Savior to show kids how Christmas connects with the Cross.

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