The #BestNestContest Begins

When your kiddos are done making A Nest for the Savior, snap a pic and post it with the #BestNestContest for a chance to win prizes! The contest runs from November 7 – December 15th, so post your picture and tell a friend! Official rules HERE.

I am SO EXCITED to see everyone make A Nest for the Savior their own … and to see what items everyone uses. Will your kids make a beachy nest like this one?

Or will you make a contemporary one like this one?

(Instructions to make both of these are available on Project Artwork at Home‘s website.)

Or one like mine?

Most of all, I’m excited to hear what everyone learns as they dive into the first Christmas story with Sadie.

And here’s what you have the chance to win in honor of your creative kiddos:

A custom portrait of your child by Illustrator Deja Sessa

Access to the upcoming Arctic Wonders art course from Project Artwork at Home

A digital copy of The Kindness Antennae by Julie Brasington, a.k.a. The Happy Home Fairy

A Christmas ornament featuring Sadie from A Nest from the Savior from The Teal Zebra

A Sadie the Sparrow stuffed animal handmade by Samaritan’s Lamb

(How cute is my little model?)

A custom piece of art featuring your child’s name by watercolor artist Julie Lehite


The BestNester created A Nest for the Savior to show kids how Christmas connects with the Cross.

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