Starting a business with a new baby

starting a business with a baby

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I just had a brand-new baby boy (No. 4! My family thinks I’m a Duggar … but that’s another story). Yay!

And then I had the audacity to have another BABY – my little business. I wanted to love on my little one, but I also wanted to publish the book that I’ve been dreaming of for years.

And the cherry on top of all of this birthday cake is that A Nest for the Savior’s illustrator, Deja Sessa, was also had a little one by her side while creating all the breath-taking images that became our book.

How did I start a business with a baby?

Here are a few things that helped me …

  • Nurse if you can.

When I had my first three babies, I watched TV and, more importantly, slept during feedings. BUT with Numero 4, I spent my nursing time consulting, designing, editing, filling out business forms, etc. It wasn’t easy, but I was stuck in one spot anyway … I might as well make my dreams a reality.

If you can nurse, awesome! But, I know nursing doesn’t make things easier for everyone. If you can’t, someone else can feed baby a bottle while you focus on your other baby, your business.

  • Call in the cavalry.


If you don’t have family around, then starting a business with baby isn’t going to be easy. Thankfully for me and A Nest for the Savior, I had tons of family around to help and take care of the big kids while I nursed/worked. If your family can’t help, let baby spend some quality time with Dad while you take an hour or so each day to work on your dream project.

  • Crowdfund.

We raised our start-up funding for A Nest for the Savior on a little site called Kickstarter, and it was completely humbling to see our family and friends come out of the woodwork to support us. What was even cooler was when people I’d never heard of got on board and supported our project. I got to hear about – and support – a lot of projects my friends were starting through the kickstarter experience too! When you’re crazy enough to start a business with a baby, I suggest being brave enough to use kickstarter, Indiegogo or iFundWomen to get your business baby up and running. The encouragement alone is worth the pit in your stomach that hits you when you press “GO LIVE.” Consider it the epidural of business birthing.

  • Know when you don’t know something.

You may want to do it all yourself. (You are Wonder Woman after all.)


BUT … You have to know when you need an expert in a field you’re not an expert in.

I literally had a few phone calls with Deja and sent her one photo and she came up with something I could have never done even if I’d had years of schooling and experience. And when I wanted to show people how they could make a nest their way … my friend Marcy from Project Artwork at Home stepped in and helped me BIG TIME.

My Dad has taught me that I can call, Google or YouTube my way out of a lot of sticky situations … HOWEVER … you have to know when you it’s time to call in a favor or pay an expert so your business can thrive and you can reach your audience.

  • Celebrate the milestones

One thing that was difficult while starting this business is that God blessed me so much … and when normal people would be out celebrating and commemorating the experience, I was potty training and changing sheets and making lunches … and did I mention I homeschool my kids as well?


BUT if you’re going to start a business you need to remember how far you’ve come and celebrate all the little victories. I suggest picking 5 things you want to achieve on your path to starting your business … and picking the way you’re going to celebrate/commemorate them NOW so you don’t feel guilty when it’s time to say, “WOW!”

  • Start early. Start often.

    I wrote A Nest for the Savior about 3 years before I ever decided to start a publishing company and find an illustrator to bring my story to life. But I knew I had to set the wheels in motion before I had my little guy if I was ever going to have a chance to succeed. So, while I was in the hospital, I was also getting updates on what was already going on behind the scenes. However, if your little one has already arrived, START TODAY. You don’t have to have all the answers or the perfect website to accomplish your dreams. You just have to start!

If you’re ready to start your new business with your new baby, please read this book:

It helped me put a plan into motion, and I hope it will help you. There’s also a really cool tool on their website that helps you determine the areas of your life that need to move from passion to progress.

Good luck and God bless, mama. We’re all rooting for you as you go after your dreams!

And if something helped you start a business as a new mother, comment below!

The BestNester created A Nest for the Savior to show kids how Christmas connects with the Cross.

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